Burger King Casting For A National Sag Commercial

09 May Burger King Casting For A National Sag Commercial

Do You Love The Whopper?

We are looking for talent to star in the next Burger King commercial. Read below for more information.


 Whopper fans come in all shapes and sizes but share one common trait: an undying love for the  flame­ grilled Whopper. Let’s find the absolute biggest Whopper fan out there and watch them freak out when we introduce this promotion.

For the casting process, we’ll look to social media to find authentic Whopper fans­­: real people that simply cannot live without the Whopper. We’ll search for people with big personalities that we feel will thrive on set. Once we have them in front  of the camera, we’ll tailor questions to them aimed towards drawing out hilarious Whopper anecdotes and genuine Whopper appreciation.

We’ll gather the highlights and turn them into a spot, proudly displaying the nation’s biggest Whopper cravers. Because, after all, who better to promote this deal than the biggest Whopper fans on earth? 


Looking for authentic Burger King “Whopper” fans! We need real people to self­tape an audition in pairs. Everyone needs to honestly love the  Burger King “Whopper”and tell us about it! Start your video by telling us your name and where you live. Then, talk to the camera about why you love whoppers.

We need  TWINS (with any accent) OR pairs of friends, couples, and/or family members (with a southern accent). You should self­tape in any combination of 2 males, 2 females or 1 male & 1  female.

We are looking for pairs of:  25 to 50 year old twins (w/ any accent) OR Males and/or Females (w/ a southern accent) ­of any ethnicity.

If you are selected you will be travelled to New York for the shoot. You MUST be available for the following dates:

May 12th  (Travel to New York)

May 13th  (Shoot in New York)

May 14th  (Travel home)

For consideration, please email the following to info@ambiancemodels.com​ by 12:00pm Eastern Time  on Tuesday, 5/10/16: ​ A 2 minute or less self­taping of 2 people together.

Include this information in your email:

Names of both people

Phone numbers

E­mail addresses

 If we are interested in using you, we will contact you.